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Finance and human resources officer

Fern is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) created in 1995. Our mission is to achieve greater practices of the European Union. We do this by coordinating NGO networks and by working with partners to achieve change.

We believe that to be effective it is essential to understand and address the social dimension of environmental conflicts; that strong coalitions are more likely to achieve lasting change; and that presenting ways forward is more effective than highlighting problems. We are committed to tackling gender injustice and supporting womens rights.


We have no director and strive to make decisions by consensus. Details of our work areas and campaigns can be found at We currently have 19 staff, mainly working from three offices, in Brussels (Belgium), Paris (France) and Moreton-in-Marsh (UK).

We are looking for a Finance and Human Resources Officer, to provide strong and professional support to the Brussels Office and the wider organisation. The post will be 4 days per week, with the possibility of increasing this to full time (subject to securing additional funding). At times flexibility may be required based on demand and workload including occasional weekend work (to attend board meetings for instance). 

See full details in attached!

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Vendredi 20 septembre 2019 - 12h00 / Dimanche 20 octobre 2019 - 12h00



Daria Andreeva
T. 02 894 46 92