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Stop putting harmful additives in our food! Stupport the removal of white colourant E171

Dear Mundo-ers,

SAFE hopes that you enjoyed a great summer!

We would like to ask for your support because we are doing a campaign to urge the European Commission & Member States experts to uphold the French ban on the hazardous white colourant E171.

We have produced a video (link HERE) and apetition (link HERE) to support the French ban on this substance. Inustry pressure has  been strong on this case for months and it is now time for citizens to act.

SAFE and civil society groups across Europe believe that this is a crucial issue not only to advocate for the health of EU consumers but also to ensure transparency of the decision-making process on additives at EU level.

We would be delighted to have you on board to promote this campaign to inform the general public about the dangers that might lie in their food.

Please sign and share!

Thank you very much in advance for your help,

Your neigbours on the 2nd floor in Mundo-B, SAFE -Safe Food Advocacy

--- More info on this case ---

The white food colourant E171 is a potentially harmful food additive that you may find in cakes, candies or chewing-gums. This has been highlighted by many independent studies backed up by the national French Agency for Food Safety (ANSES).

According to the precautionary principle, France thus decided to ban E171 as of 2020; but a crucial European meeting due to take place on Monday 16th September will decide the fate of this decision suspending, cancelling or extending it.

We raise about a new industry study released ahead of this meeting which could turn the tables in favour of industry lobby groups on this major issue.

As concerned EU citizens, we are urging the European Commission and the national experts to uphold the French ban on E171, based on the strong expertise already brought together by the ANSES and the important number of independent studies already published.

As all Europeans deserve the same high level of protection, we call on European decision-makers to extend the French measure EU-wide.

We would be very grateful if you could read, sign and share our petition to as many people as you can. We really believe that transparency and consumers health should be put first and that the general public should be informed of this crucial issue.

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